Children’s Asthma: What Should You Know? Canadian Health&Care Mall Advice

Due to the deterioration of the environment and a significant increase in respiratory infections, children’s immunity is greatly reduced. That is why we meet infant asthma and various allergies more often nowadays. Canadian HealthCare Mall will ennumerate all the necessary items you should know about asthma.

What is asthma?

asthmaAsthma is a chronic disease caused by airway inflammation and, consequently, a spasm of the bronchial tubes, which begin to secrete large amounts of mucus. This prevents the normal passage of air going through the respiratory tract. Bronchial asthma is classified into two types:

  • atopic (allergen);
  • non-atopic (non-allergenic).

The first type of asthma can be caused by exposure to allergen particles: dust, pollen, certain foods, cat or dog hair, perfume and so on. In case of children, 90% of the diseases are atopic. Non-atopic cases are quite rare and occur only in case when a child’s organism has excessive sensitivity to infectious allergens.

Bronchial asthma has three forms of the disease severity:

  • lung;
  • medium gravity;
  • heavy.

Depending on the severity of attacks, it is necessary to use some means aimed at arresting them. In most cases, children suffering from diseases such as bronchial asthma have predisposition to this illness since birth – in their genes. Out of 100 asthmatics at least 60 of them have relatives suffering from the same disease. In addition to heredity, bad environment affects the child’s genes very badly.

Signs and symptoms of children’s asthma

child tiredIt’s difficult to diagnose children with asthma at once. This happens due to the fact that quite often the disease has the same symptoms as the common cold and viral respiratory diseases. Often parents do not realize that some of the symptoms indicate a much more serious disease than the common cold.

However, at asthma ichildren do not have fever, even if the cough is very frequent and dry. Before the asthma symptoms there usually occur precursors a few days before. Their duration is different for each child. During this time, children are often angry, scared, are in constant agitation, they sleep poorly.

Forerunners proceed in the following way:

  1. Initially the baby’s nose starts selecting watery mucus, due to which the child often sneezes and rubs his nose;
  2. After a few hours a child acquires slack dry cough;
  3. After dinner or after a nap a cough becomes much stronger, but a little wet;
  4. Smptoms are manifested only after 1-2 days, when the coughing gets paroxysmal nature;
  5. When the precursors are over, there occur attack symptoms.

The main symptoms of children’s asthma in the first year of life

  • strong dry cough, often episodic, occurs immediately upon waking or before going to sleep;
  • cough may reduce if a child takes the vertical position.. When returning to the horizontal position, cough becomes intense again;
  • just before the attack, the baby can be very capricious, cry due to the ensuing nasal congestion;
  • there is shortness of breath;
  • breathing becomes intermittent, breath – frequent and short. Inhaled and exhaled air is accompanied by whistling and noise.

Children older than one year (in addition to the above features) are also having following symptoms:

  • a lot of pressure in the chest, the inability to make a full breath;
  • when trying to breathe through the mouth there is a strong dry cough;
  • itching, watery eyes, or skin rashes – atypical symptoms of asthma;
  • long dry cough without sputum;
  • coughing fits begin at the same conditions (a pet nearby, the use of any colors, in the street, or immediately on arrival home, visiting the library, the presence of a fresh bouquet of flowers at home, etc.);
  • parents should be careful when they notice these symptoms they should monitor the child body’s temperature. This is necessary to ensure that cough is reasoned not by a cold. If your child has asthma in the severe form, the attacks can occur during the day.

Causes of children’s asthma

animalThe most important reason for the asthma attacks is bronchial hyperreactivity of children, they react to various irritants too quickly, especially of allergenic nature.

All the reasons for developing the disease, are divided into several groups. (more…)