What We Know about Canadian Viagra

What we do know about Viagra is described below. Canadian Health and Care Mall is glad to give you summarized information concerning Viagra.

Viagra pill

  • Viagra is a drug for impotence treatment.
  • Viagra improves blood circulation in pelvic area and makes erection sufficient longer (30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on dose of course).
  • Viagra should be taken an hour before sexual intercourse. Before taking Viagra in, it is necessary to establish exact impotence cause.
  • Viagra helps in cases when it appears because of cardiovascular problems, age-related changes, psychogenic disorders. Viagra is able to help patients with diabetes to overcome impotence development in the beginning of vascular complications background (angiopathy).
  • If the atherosclerotic changes touched directly the corpus cavernosum of penis, Viagra is powerless unfortunately.
  • At psychogenic disorders it is advisable to use Viagra combined with psychotherapeutic help.
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  • Viagra does not help in disorders develop in the body because of sex hormones. Contraindications for Viagra intake in such a case of heart disease, including coronary, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, hypotension, alcohol consumption. It is absolutely excluded to take Viagra in combination with nitrite and nitrogen containing medications.
  • Erythromycin and cimetidine increase the effect of Canadian Viagra. This means that erection can be of so high quality to provide people with extreme satisfaction.
  • Side effects: blurred vision or visual perception distortion, intestinal disorders, headache, muscle ache and runny nose.
  • The use of Viagra by healthy people as a stimulant may well have dire consequences, including complete impotence. It is not recommended to experiment with Viagra for young people who have not reached puberty.
  • In the few months that the drug is sold in the United States, there is no evidences of any kind of side effects and fatal cases connected with Canadian Viagra.
  • Viagra doesn’t cause addiction and psychological as well.
  • Viagra affect sexual function, but arouses libido. Take Canadian Viagra ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall and be satisfied with your sexual life again.

Viagra and cardiac diseases

Viagra not only Increases but also Decreases

“The popular drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment can be successfully used for lung and heart diseases treatment”, as BBC reports.

High blood pressure in lung arteries can be caused by heart diseases or chronic lung diseases – emphysema and bronchitis. Sometimes high blood pressure in lungs develops for no apparent reason, often – at people living in high altitude areas. With increased pulmonary blood pressure it is difficult for patients to move, and they have problems related to physical activity.

Joint research conducted by scientists of Great Britain and Kyrgyzstan have shown that Canadian Viagra can be effectively used at cardiovascular system diseases treatment and lower blood pressure in lungs.

After a series of experiments in which male volunteers artificially elevated blood pressure in the lungs by placing the first group in a low oxygen content conditions, and the second took in sildenafil. The results showed that lung blood pressure is not risen in the second group substantially.

The active current component of Viagra is sildenafil, which mechanism of action can prevent or suppress unwanted increase in blood pressure.