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Jungle FeverJungle fever or calenture is a group of diseases which is caused by carrying in erythrocytes the single-celled microorganisms known as Plasmodium. Jungle fever means unclean air, earlier it was claimed that jungle fever was caused by this air. Jungle fever is widely spread on the territory of Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, North and South Caucasus. As you can see the area is rather wide to be anxious about the possibility to be infected with jungle fever. Introduction of infection occurs because of sting of infected mosquito or in case of infected blood transfusion.

Female mosquito stings a person suffering from jungle fever. Automatically the mosquito becomes infected and transformed into the erythrocytes of the following stung person. In such a way the infection is spread among people and territories. After the period of plasmodium they enter kidney tissue where they grow up and breed. The first symptoms of gradual temperature increase, headache, muscle ache and shivers. The characteristic features on jungle fever are periodic fever, the attacks of which stop when the mature parasites destroy the infected erythrocytes and enter blood. Buy Vibramycin 200 mg via Canadian Health&Care Mall and start treatment as soon as possible.

There are several types of plasmodium which may cause jungle fever at people. They are Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium ovale. Plasmodium vivax is an activator of benign tertian malaria the incubation period of which last from seven till twenty one days. The attacks repeat once per twenty four hours. Plasmodium malariae is an activator of quartan malaria, the incubation period of which durates from twenty one to forty two days. The attacks repeat one per forty eight hours. Plasmodium falciparum is an activator of calenture the incubation period of which lasts from nine till sixteen days. The attacks repeat once per twenty four hours. The attacks are severe and lasts for twenty four hours with the rare moments of the temperature normalization. At this type of jungle fever the disturbance of brain function or cerebral malaria may be observed. In twenty per cent the lethal outcome is obvious to become. Plasmodium ovale is an activator of ovale malaria the incubation period of which lasts ten to twenty days and the attacks repeat once per twenty four hours. Do not remember to buy Vibramycin 200 mg at Canadian Health&Care Mall which is effective in jungle fever treatment.

The symptoms to establish the diagnosis – jungle fever is considered to be periodical shiverings attacks, body temperature increase without any essential reason. If the lien is enlarged, the diagnosis – jungle fever – is proved especially if the patient has attended the territory in which such a disorder is widely spread. Special antimalaria drugs including Vibramycin 200 mg are used in jungle fever treatment because they fight against plasmodium. Together with them antifebrile agents and fluid maintenance should be applied.

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