Erectile Dysfunction after 30

ED after 30sErectile dysfunction in elderly males is a frequent phenomenon, but young people can also notice erectile dysfunction signs. Usually, this kind of problem is humiliating, so very few men consult a doctor. The main thing in to recognize the problems and start the treatment immediately.

There are various erectile dysfunction risk factors provoking potency problems. There are the following erectile dysfunction types:

  1. Physical ED;
  2. Psychological ED;
  3. Iatrogenic ED.

Physical erectile dysfunction

Most often, physical impotence occurs due to hormonal failures, neurogenic or cardiovascular diseases.

  • The main hormonal erectile dysfunction cause is lack of testosterone. This type of impotence affects both older and young males. Another risk factor of erectile dysfunction are endocrine disorders, which are associated with high prolactin production. This hormone helps reduce production of testosterone.
  • Neurogenic causes of erectile dysfunction are often defined as the result of a trauma or a stroke or diseases associated with the central nervous system.
  • Cardiovascular diseases damage the walls of blood vessels (including those located in the genital area), which leads to a violation of the blood flow into the penis and, consequently, to decrease in potency. This type of vascular damage is caused by such diseases as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and others. For example, atherosclerosis increases blood cholesterol levels, traumatizes the walls of the vessels and promotes plaques development that clog the blood vessels. Often, impotence indicates the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • In addition, prolonged abstinence from sex also may cause male sexual problems. Usually, this is typical for men in their 40s. Often, you can cure erectile dysfunction by returning to the normal sex life.

Psychological erectile dysfunction

psychological erectile dysfunction

  • Psychological impotence is a common problem of young men, who are just stepping on the path of sexual life. Doctors tend to believe that adult men cope with this disease much easier, as they have a lot of experience unlike young people who have to address specialists. Young male erectile problems can also appear as a result of childhood traumas due to difficult family relationship. Some parents assure the child that sexual life is something shameful. This message of parents does not allow a man to focus on the pleasure of sex in the future.
  • Anxiety that a man experiences during intimacy can significantly affect male potency. Many young people experience anxiety, which is associated with fear of getting sexually transmitted diseases or fear of being rejected.
  • In addition, such erectile dysfunction psychological causes as frequent depressions, fatigue, low self-esteem can also provoke sexual problems.
  • The main factor which determines sexual life of any person is a relationship with a partner. Constant misunderstanding, quarrels, cheating, distrust kill spiritual intimacy, and, as a result man experiences a strong stress that affects his sex life. Also, the personal unattractiveness or non-sexuality of the partner is another reason for erectile dysfunction.

Iatrogenic erectile dysfunction

Iatrogenic impotence is a violation of potency as a result of taking various drugs to cure ulcers, psychological and cardiovascular diseases. Often, erectile dysfunction disappears after replacing the drug with an analogue.

Conclusion: The main thing that every young man should remember is not to be ashamed, but to accept this diagnosis and start treatment, for example, using generic Viagra Professional. Timely treatment can save your self-esteem and relationship with your partner, reveal hidden threats and save your life.

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