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Before you can proceed to choose the best treatment to erectile dysfunction, it is important for you to know what erectile dysfunction (ED) is and what causes it. ED is a sexual condition that is a characterized by the inability of the men to have an erection. They will also experience reduce sexual desire. Now, there are different causes of the conditions that are both physical and psychological. You are therefore advised to see a health professional to gain more information on the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Methods

Now to erectile dysfunction treatment, there are different types of treatment that you can choose from. All treatment methods are different and therefore some may work and others not. It is therefore important for you to contact Canadian Pharmacy Mall for guidance on the best treatment for you.

One of ED causes is the lifestyle habits that you have like:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol consumption;
  • drugs abuse;
  • excessive coffein consumption.

Factors like overweight and obesity can also cause condition. That is why change of your lifestyle habits can impact your life positively. If you are smoker, then you will have to quit if you want to see any significant changes in your sexual health condition. Exercises should be also included in your daily routine. If you can address the underlying causes of the condition, you can enhance your sexual health. You should also drink alcohol in moderation.Erectile Dysfunction

If you are not interested in taking medication, you can opt for sexual therapy treatment. For this to work, you will need to talk to you partner about the condition. Note that feelings and emotions play a huge role in your sexual desire. Attending sexual therapies sessions will help you deal with your sexual inhibitions. Proper communication is required if you are going to succeed in process.

The oral medications are of the most common forms of treatment. When you contact or visit Canadian Pharmacy Mall, you will get access to different oral medications that you can use.

ED drugs are usually referred to as inhibitors and they include the very famous:

So what these medicines do is to increase the nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles of the penis so as to enhance the blood flow. You are advised to consult a doctor before you can take the medicines especially if you have any medical condition. Take note that ED medications can lead to low blood pressure.

You can also opt for injections. These injections are to be use directly on the penis. Once you inject the erection can last for a few hours. You should however not use the injections without the direct guidance of the doctor. These erectile dysfunction injections are associated with side effects like bleeding or bruising and so they should be use with caution.

Surgery can also be done although it is recommended for severe erectile dysfunction. Surgery can be done if you need artery reconstruction so as to enhance the blood flow.

There are many options that you can choose from. All you need to do is talk to doctor that you trust on the most suitable option for you.

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