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Sex is not only pleasure, but also a great benefit to our body. So do not deprive yourself and your partner this pleasure and benefit. Read some advice of Canadian Health&Care Mall how to increase potency.

Unfortunately, many men treat sexual impotention as a natural result of the aging process and simply agree with this fact. Problems with male potency may occur at any age.

What is the nature of erectile dysfunction?couple2

First of all, you need to know the reasons for erectile dysfunction to solve the problems of mpotence, In some cases these may be biological reasons:

  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular diseases (vascular atherosclerosis, high blood pressure);
  • various neurological diseases;
  • hormonal imbalances;

In addition, the side effects may also be caused by smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, nutritional deficiencies, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight. Men whose waist circumference is greater than 100 cm, are on the right way to a loss of male power.

And, of course, you should not neglect psychological causes of impotence. In addition, you must remember that the impotence often arises for several reasons simultaneously. Therefore, in any case, you need to consult your doctor.

There are several options to increase male potency. Some men focus on improving diet, while others refer to physical exercise and yoga. And sometimes older men try to “test” their “sexual performance” with a young woman. And this is the very moment when they see the actual state of their “sexual health”. Such people are trying to immediately do something to help themselves, for example, buying Viagra pills. If they are lucky enough to buy the original tablets (not fake), and are in a group of people who actually respond to Viagra, they will have a chance to reach the erection condition.

However, some time later these people might get addiction to the drug, and its effectiveness may be reduced. Moreover, Viagra and other similar drugs have side effects (hearing loss, vision problems, digestive problems, intense muscle pain, nausea, severe headaches, priapism, etc.). As there are threats to human health, the decision to take tablets for improving of erection should always be taken only after consultation with your doctor.

You must also be aware of the possible dependence on the drugs due to the fact that men believe that they are able to perform a decent sexual act only after taking the pills.

To improve the erection of the penis there is, of course, a variety of mechanical means. For example, rings for the penis, strap (special attachment to a penis). But these “toys” do not solve the problem with a potency but just reduce self-esteem of men. And we need to remember about the price of these “assets”.

Are there an effective way to naturally strengthen and restore sexual potency of men?stressed

Yes, there is a wide range of options to increase potency. Whereas today the standard medical therapy is effective for some men, other men – on the contrary – do not want to take drugs because of possible side effects and contraindications. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to increase potency. There are several solutions for men who experience impotence without taking the drugs. Many men prefer natural ways to improve their potency. In some cases, it may be associated with undesirable side effects and contraindications of drugs, in other cases – the natural way of life is more important for men. So while you do not have serious health problems that could affect your male potency, you can take advantage of a number of natural ways to improve it.

In principle these methods are rather simple and popular, they have nothing unusual:

  • lifestyle change;viagra33
  • proper nutrition;
  • maintaining cholesterol at the proper level;
  • increase of testosterone level;
  • getting rid of the stress;
  • improved sleep;
  • special exercises to improve male sexual potency;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • specific psychological training;
  • the right sex.

Usually men need a comprehensive approach to solve the problem. They are recommended to to special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They play an important role in obtaining and maintaining an erection. Also you can improve your “sexual performance” and to solve the problems of erectile dysfunction, adding the products to your diet which are rich in nutrients. Anf of course, it’s necessary to change your lifestyle. These are issues related to improving sleep, reducing stress in your life. The transition to a healthy lifestyle can ensure that your male potency will be restored and you will be able to enjoy sex to the full extent.

The combined application of these methods and techniques is capable to restore your potency for years, not just for a few months. And what is most important – you can solve all the problems with erection:

  • without expensive drugs;
  • with health benefits;
  • at home;
  • without visiting a doctor;
  • once and for good.

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