Medications for Impotence Treatment – Pros and Cons

Erectile dysfunction is disease, which men try not to talk aloud. A doctor visits are usually secret. Generic Cialis and Levitra and Canadian Pharmacy Viagra are used to treat impotence. All they are familiar to everybody, due to advertising campaign, and promise men 100% result. The composition of all three drugs are almost identical. They are referred to inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5 type (PDE-5). This enzyme, inhibiting penile blood vessels expansion, weakens erection. All three drugs are considered to be blockers of “wicked” enzyme. The only difference is that they have desired effect at different period of time. For example, Levitra is absorbed into the body faster and Cialis – slower in comparison with Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Levitra.

Drugs Use for Male Activity

As a rule, erectile problems occur in men suffering from diabetes, neurological disorders, as well as because of antidepressants intake. Medications intended for impotence treatment, should be used on doctor’s prescription and should be sold in pharmacies by prescription. Initially, it was like that, drug was taken by patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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However, advertising campaign has done its job well making male pill more and more popular among the stronger sex.Such drugs can be purchased without prescription via online pharmacies including Canadian Health and Care Mall. On request, medications may be delivered right to your door. Now these drugs are taken by healthy men to produce unforgettable experience for their sexual partners, and the second reason is just to be safe. Especially drugs manufacturers guarantee their effectiveness in combination with alcohol or any food.

Psychological Male Portraits Taken Miracle Pills

Psychological studies have shown that men from mega policies feel demand in miracle pills the most. Mega policies show a large number of casual sexual intercourses. When and with whom sex will happen is unknown, in such cases, together with a condom in his pocket man has always a miracle pill within reach.

Through advertising campaign, the image formed in male minds taking drugs for erectile function as ardent and passionate lover, ready to satisfy woman anytime and anywhere. Very often, men who want to fully comply with these apprehension, take medications secretly. Usually, lovers of such stimulators have always blush on their cheeks. It is common side effect of Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and other medications of this kind. In addition, people addicted to male activity stimulators often suffer from stuffiness and heat feelings, and regular morning headache. TV shows us brutal handsome men assuring us that such pills are absolutely harmless, it is one side of the coin. Any drug has its own side-effects.
Medication Effectiveness

It should be remembered that pills intake such as Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Levitra and Cialis of generic origin are not effective in 2 cases out of 10. At the same time dosage of Levitra is much less than that of Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Cialis. Consequently, side effects on the body are less expressed. It is forbidden to take such medications if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or have previous blood stroke or heart attacks.

For those who prefer to use such medications, it should be remembered that these drugs inhibit not only “wicked” enzyme, but others as well. For example, Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Levitra block enzyme responsible for color vision. Cialis neutralizes enzyme located in brain, heart and thymus gland. How it is further reflected in male health is not clear.
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Erectile Stimulants Interaction with Food and Alcohol

Fans of Viagra should be aware that pill will work faster if you take it in on an empty stomach. After meal intake the desired results come after a certain period of time. But the effect will be the same. Such drugs with alcohol should not be used. Although manufacturers do not say anything about dangers of such combinations. On the contrary, they claim that interaction with alcohol will not affect health. But it dissembles about that alcohol is one of the main impotence causes.

Men who find the solution in hormone blockers PDE-5 because of impotence, should remember that pills are only able to boost erectile function, but in no way affect the libido improvement. However, during the onset of erection, the desire to obtain sexual satisfaction comes by itself.

Based on this knowledge, manufacturers call such stimulators as agents of joy.

Canadian Health and Care Mall points out that if men come across with erectile dysfunction problem it is better to consult the doctor not to self-medicate. Consult the doctor and command our online service!

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