Meldonium: An Amazing booster for your Health

Oxygen intake is essential for our living and because of this our body functions normally. Lesser intake of oxygen may lead to diseases that are not seen externally. In order to come over such kind of disorders, it is important that proper medication which increases the intake of oxygen is taken. Meldonium is one such drug that helps in improving the oxygen intake and increases the resistance power of our body. This is generally used in the cases wherein people suffer heart conditions. It also boosts the blood flow improving the health of people and is a prescription less drug at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Invented as an aid to soldiers

Mildronate, the other name for Meldonium, was invented by chemist IvarKalvins 69 years ago during the cold war of soviet. This was aimed at the troops who were stationed at higher altitude. At higher altitudes the oxygen content decreases and because of this the troops could not function to its fullest. The continuous movement with heavy back packs and lack of oxygen content made the soldiers weaker. Hence, this drug was put to use. This resulted in amazing output with the soldiers able to function normally at high-altitude Mountains. Canadian Health&Care Mall prescribes this drug to its patients you have a similar condition as this increases the endurance.

Oxygen intake

Who is entitled to use this?

Any person who is suffering from a breathing problem or any person who needs a boost in the blood flow can use this drug. This drug is used by different personalities from different professions. People who do a lot of physical work and would require high energy prefer to take this drug. In sports, there is constant consumption of energy irrespective of the sport hence this is also picked by sports personalities. Though invented for improving the oxygen intake and release of energy the drug also helps in combating the physical and psychological stress in any given situation. Canadian Health&Care Mall has helped in making this drug available to even a common man.

Usage of the drug

A consultation with the doctor will give you a clear idea on the dosage and usage of Meldonium according to your needs and your medical condition. This is primarily an anti ischaemia drug which is used to improve the mental and physical capacity. The drug is used in the cure of chronic heart and brain diseases. This drug increases the oxygen intake and hence the metabolism. This increases the energy that can be utilised to do more work. Also, studies show that this can also help in treating the impotence in men and also inhibits the lung diseases.

Online purchase is the new trend

Meldoniumsales of this drug is officially banned in the Unites States of America. But this available in Russia , off – the – shelf. Canadian Health&Care Mall has made the drug available for everyone by offering a prescription less service. Prior to the intake of the drug please consult the doctor. The normal course of this medication is about four to six weeks depending on the medical condition of the patient. The different packages of the medicines with Meldonium are 250 mg and 500 mg pills. The drug can be bought online with great discounts.

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