Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Explaned by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Now experts are convinced that in most cases impotency is of purely organic nature (i.e. not psychological). All methods of impotency treatment are divided on conservative and quick.
Medicamentous therapy or application of suction pumps belong to conservative methods of impotency treatment.

Medicamentous therapy

Until recently main preparation applied as impotency treatment was Aphrodine. Efficiency of its application doesn’t exceed 10 percent. The demand of prolonged preparation’s use (about one year) and low treatment efficiency, a large number of collateral reactions do this technique of treatment partially acceptable.

Now for fight against impotency the preparation Viagra is successfully used (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) sold by Canadian Health&Care Mall. Efficiency of preparations is undoubted, but they can cause the mass of side effects.
Modern medicamentous preparations (so-called sexual dopes) used in clinical practice allow to achieve higher treatment efficiency which reaches 70-80%. These preparations are distinguished by existence of side effects, such as an insignificant headache, sudden face reddening and necks, nose cavity hyperaemia, change of color sensation and visual acuity.

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Intracavernous injections of vasoactive preparations

The essence of this method consists in microinjections of vasoactive preparations directly in carvenous body before the sexual intercourse. The method of intracavernous injections became the most widespread and the most effective among conservative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. For treatment prostaglandin – alprostadil is used, both in the form of monotherapy, and in various combinations.

The combination of preparations is used for decrease in side effect of each of them due to decrease in concentration. Integrated program approach to purpose of intracavernous injections therapy allows to make application of this method effective and safe.

Intraurethral therapy

For theintraurethral therapy applications of various preparations are used, such as alprostadil. From an urethra the preparation is soaked up and with a blood-groove gets into carvenous body where there are reactions causing an erection. This method is similar with previous, but allows to exclude an injection in carvenous body.

Now this therapy wasn’t widely adopted because of high cost of preparations and collateral reactions (a burning sensation in an urethra), and also need of obligatory use of condom. Canadian Health&Care Mall recommends to utilize this two methods combining it with Viagra application.

Surgical impotency treatment

Surgery is used because of high efficiency of medicamentous therapy more and more seldom recently. Surgical methods are applied in extreme cases when conservative treatment doesn’t yield desirable results and on certain indications.

Expeditious treatment of venous insufficiency of carvenous body is carried out in case of defeat of some mechanism of carvenous body. Despite great age of this method, efficiency it is made by about 50%. However even at rather low results the venous surgery of carvenous body is all the same applied in clinical practice as additional to other earlier given methods that allows to achieve good results.

Expeditious treatment is shown also in case of insufficient arterial inflow of blood to carvenous body. Arterial microvascular shunting which efficiency fluctuates from 30 to 50% is carried out. This operation shows high efficiency only at young patients.

Prosthetics of carvenous body is the main method of restoration of carvenous body rigidity now. Implantation of artificial limbs is the final stage of impotency treatment when all previous techniques of treatment haven’t yielded result.

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