Erectile Dysfunction and Age: How to cure ED?

Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Male potency becomes reduces every year. No one will be surprised if a man gets erectile dysfunction diagnosis at the age of 70, but erectile dysfunction in young men provokes fear. Impotence in your 20’s is something shameful and humiliating. But, in fact, it is necessary to take into account the fact that erectile dysfunction depends not only on the age. There are several erectile dysfunction risk factors that can affect men’s health: unhealthy lifestyle, some diseases, heredity, poor nutrition, psychological disorders, injuries, excessive alcohol consumption, some certain drugs.

Erectile dysfunction average age

There is quite a mixed statistics in terms of erectile dysfunction average age, but the popular indicators are the following:

  1. Age of 20-30 – approximately 21% of men suffer from sexual disorders;
  2. Age of 30-40 – the percentage rises to 27%;
  3. Age of 40-50 – about 48% of men suffer from sexual diseases;
  4. Age of 50 – 53% of men have sexual diseases.

It does not mean that a man loses his physical strength completely, but his sexual ability begins to reduce gradually.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Scientific studies confirm that sex changes for men with age, the changes in the penis can gradually lead to impotence.

Erectile dysfunction treatment options

How to treat age-related EDHow to treat erectile dysfunction? The best option is to visit a specialist. But often men are afraid or going to a doctor with this intimate problem. This is a significant obstacle to their rapid recovery. But, in fact, modern medicine provides several ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • If you wonder how to increase potency, he should try to quit smoking. Basically, erectile dysfunction signs disappear after men give up cigarettes;
  • Abstain from excessive alcohol or at least reduce its amount to a minimum;
  • Regular physical activity and weight control also help prevent erectile dysfunction. See more lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction.

Modern medicine offers several erectile dysfunction treatment options, for example:

  1. Erectile dysfunction pills. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis treat impotence with an efficiency of 80%. This method of therapy is the most common and effective;
  2. Vasoactive drugs. This method is based on the introduction of the drug into the penis just before sexual intercourse;
  3. Surgical methods. Men have to undergo erectile dysfunction surgery very rarely – only if all other methods proved ineffective, for example, if there are violations of the vascular functions or lack of blood flow to the soft tissues of the penis;

What doctor treat ED? Men should address an urologist or an andrologist who determine the types of erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction therapy options.

At the first symptoms of male sexual disorders, you should start treatment immediately. After all, the inability to have proper sex not only causes inconvenience, but also indicates the presence of a serious disease.

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