Best Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

Top Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

Pharmaceutical companies have developed many drugs that increase potency, which can be divided into two categories:

  1. Original drugs – produced exclusively in the US and their price is very high;
  2. Generic drugs – produced at enterprises in India and are actively supplied to Canada, where their share is 78-95%. These preparations differ from the originals in the composition of the auxiliary components.

Generic drugs for erectile dysfunction

Why generic drugs are cheaper? Generics low cost does not mean that they are worse – companies just do not need to conduct clinical studies, develop any components, advertise a product – American corporations have already done that and compensate for the costs of scientific research with the high cost of their pills. Indian manufacturers use the ready formula, so they can afford themselves to sell drugs at low prices.

We can not say that originals are the best erectile dysfunction pills and generics are a cheap forgery. A generic drug is the same product that may differ from the original in color and shape, but its composition is almost identical to the original. (more…)

Erectile Dysfunction after 30

ED after 30sErectile dysfunction in elderly males is a frequent phenomenon, but young people can also notice erectile dysfunction signs. Usually, this kind of problem is humiliating, so very few men consult a doctor. The main thing in to recognize the problems and start the treatment immediately.

There are various erectile dysfunction risk factors provoking potency problems. There are the following erectile dysfunction types:

  1. Physical ED;
  2. Psychological ED;
  3. Iatrogenic ED.

Physical erectile dysfunction

Most often, physical impotence occurs due to hormonal failures, neurogenic or cardiovascular diseases. (more…)

Erectile Dysfunction and Age: How to cure ED?

Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Male potency becomes reduces every year. No one will be surprised if a man gets erectile dysfunction diagnosis at the age of 70, but erectile dysfunction in young men provokes fear. Impotence in your 20’s is something shameful and humiliating. But, in fact, it is necessary to take into account the fact that erectile dysfunction depends not only on the age. There are several erectile dysfunction risk factors that can affect men’s health: unhealthy lifestyle, some diseases, heredity, poor nutrition, psychological disorders, injuries, excessive alcohol consumption, some certain drugs.

Erectile dysfunction average age

There is quite a mixed statistics in terms of erectile dysfunction average age, but the popular indicators are the following:

  1. Age of 20-30 – approximately 21% of men suffer from sexual disorders;
  2. Age of 30-40 – the percentage rises to 27%;
  3. Age of 40-50 – about 48% of men suffer from sexual diseases;
  4. Age of 50 – 53% of men have sexual diseases.

It does not mean that a man loses his physical strength completely, but his sexual ability begins to reduce gradually. (more…)

Generic Viagra Professional: Forget About High Prices

Viagra ProfessionalErectile dysfunction is a disease which is characterized by a total or partial inability to get an erection during sexual arousal. The term “erectile dysfunction” has been introduced recently, it replaced the word “impotence”. Since ancient times people have persistently searched for erectile dysfunction treatment. The healers and sorcerers, magicians and priests offered their own ways of dealing with male weakness. Medicine also began to search for solutions and ways to cope with the disease.

At the moment Viagra Professional is one of the most efficient methods for erectile dysfunction treatment. You may buy Generic Viagra Professional (Sildenafil Citrate) 100 mg online at Canadian Health&Care Mall:

Why Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

To understand Viagra Professional effect, we need to review an erection process in a healthy body and explain disorders that cause male weakness. When excited, male genitals get impulses from the brain, that stimulate the production of certain enzymes in the body, relaxing the muscles of the body. When muscles are relaxed, blood flows to the penis, filling the erectile tissues, thus, causing hardness of the penis. (more…)

Here’s a Reason Why Purchasing Viagra Online Sounds More Profitable

The good thing about online Viagra purchase is that men suffering from erectile dysfunction can easily seek treatment for it from behind the closed doors of their bedroom. But the other good reason that makes purchasing of from Canadian Health&Care Mall is that, it makes purchase profitable.

Viagra is a Well Known ED Treatment Tablet

However, men still tend to shy away when it comes to taking the prescription to the pharmacy store and asking for one.

The availability of online ED treatment services has now made medicinal shopping more convenient than ever before. Today, they are the most sought after service by patients falling under categories like:

  • Who have no insurance
  • Who are bargain hunters
  • Who prefer keeping their medical purchase private

And all of them enjoy more than one benefit when it comes to purchasing Viagra packs online – they make more profit. Wondering how? You need to look into the services first in order to understand how purchasing from online Canadian Health Care Mall makes your purchase more profitable –

Availability of Best Discounts on Medicines

Best BuyThis is something that you might not be able to avail if you purchase from a brick and mortar pharmacy store.

  • Online stores have far greater competition in the internet. That’s because internet not only helps to break down any boundaries of communication, even if it a geographical obstacle.
  • While pharmacists can now make their service easily available, the other obstacle is striving to remain on top. Customers have become convenient creatures. They will choose one service over another even for the minutest reason and price is a major factor that governs their purchase.
  • Pharmacists know this. That is why; they will try to offer customers with the best online shopping experiences. One of these can include discounts as well.
  • Customers can compare the same product on multiple websites and check the lowest price being offered.

Availability of Reviews and Ratings

  • Online shopping gives customers the benefit of reviews and ratings.
  • Shoppers can read out the reviews and recommendations of other buyers before they decide to purchase a Sildenafil
  • Apart from getting information related to the medicine, they can even learn about the online service. Customer values are varied. A product purchase decision can depend on many things like the price, kind of customer service, delivery date, etc. Reviews and ratings are places where different customers give vent to different viewpoints.
  • A new customer can read out these online reviews and the ratings to learn more about the benefits of availing a particular purchase.

Availability of Different Product Details

  • ED treatment drugs sold by online pharmacies are available with additional information. These can be product details, instructions and guidelines, product price and other information.
  • When customers purchase a kit from online Canadian Health Care Mall stores, they can read the information, educate themselves and then proceed to purchase.
  • Customers no longer need to rely on busy local pharmacists in order to learn about the product they are going to purchase. Rather, the availability of product information details makes their purchase more convenient.

Taking all these factors into consideration can make your online purchase of ED drugs easier and profitable.