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If you ask any man what health problems cause him the greatest fear, then there will no doubt be heart diseases and ailments leading to violation of potency. And even myocardial infarction is not so terrible for them, as reduction or total absence of erection when trying to start close relations with a woman of interest. At young age in a healthy person, as a rule, these problems do not arise. However, at first signs of weakening of male power, representatives of strong half of humanity are ready for any sacrifices and money in order to eliminate these symptoms extremely negative affecting psyche as soon as possible. Normal potency is the key to good mood and well-being of any man. Learn more about erectile dysfunction and its causes in this article with Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Violation of Potency or Erectile Dysfunction: What is It?

Reduced potency in men, or erectile dysfunction, is a collective concept of all types of erection violations that arise when trying to perform sexual intercourse. People who are not related to medicine, call this disease «impotence», but to date it is not used in medical circles and is considered obsolete. After all, this term has somewhat offensive meaning and can reduce self-esteem and belief in success of treatment in any man. Therefore the word «impotence» is replaced by more neutral ones: «erection violation», «erectile dysfunction», or «reduced potency». This diagnosis sounds more positive for a man.erectile dysfunction

With problems with potency that arise as a result of various causes, degree of tension of penis during intimate relations with a woman does not reach level that would allow him to perform full sexual intercourse. Simply speaking, male’s genitals are sluggish, despite feeling of excitement caused by partner. Emotionally, he is ready for sexual intercourse, but physically he is not. Decrease in potency of a man causes him sense of impotence and inferiority, which can be doubled by criticism and offensive ridicule of unsatisfied woman.

What Causes Lead to Problems with Potency?

At the age of 40 years in a man who does not have any serious chronic diseases and has regular sexual life, in most cases problems with potency do not practically arise. Mechanism works fine and this is for men a matter of pride, gives vitality and energy. Erectile dysfunction is, as a rule, characteristic of men of mature age. The thing is that they do not arise without a reason, but always have a very specific cause. And only after examination and its clarification doctor can help a man in solving his delicate problem.

Depending on the reason that caused erectile dysfunction (in medical language this way correctly reduced potency of a man is called), Canadian Health&Care Mall divided it into 2 main types: psychogenic and organic.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction.

Develops in a man who has no problems with health of reproductive system. It is caused by neuropsychiatric disorders, which include neurosis, depression, neurotic states with various somatic diseases, etc. Long, hard work 12 hours a day, stresses and irritability caused by traffic jams, queues, colleagues at work, undoubtedly affects potency. A peculiarity of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is that it arises spontaneously, has non-permanent character, if erection appeared before sexual intercourse began, it means that it will not disappear until its completion and reflex morning erection is preserved.

Organic Erectile Dysfunction.

It is a consequence of various diseases, both directly related to men’s health (chronic infections, tumors, etc.) and not related to it (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, brain tumors, hormonal disorders, etc.). It is also necessary to remember that side effect of some drugs is reduction of erectile strength, so before using, you should carefully read the instructions. These include some drugs to reduce blood pressure, hormonal, psychoactive, for treatment of cancer, etc. Organic erectile dysfunction is characterized by gradual onset, constancy, penis can become soft already in the process of sexual intercourse and there are no morning reflex erections.

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