How to Increase Potency – Canadian Health&Care Mall Guide

Sex is not only pleasure, but also a great benefit to our body. So do not deprive yourself and your partner this pleasure and benefit. Read some advice of Canadian Health&Care Mall how to increase potency.

Unfortunately, many men treat sexual impotention as a natural result of the aging process and simply agree with this fact. Problems with male potency may occur at any age.

What is the nature of erectile dysfunction?couple2

First of all, you need to know the reasons for erectile dysfunction to solve the problems of mpotence, In some cases these may be biological reasons:

  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular diseases (vascular atherosclerosis, high blood pressure);
  • various neurological diseases;
  • hormonal imbalances;

In addition, the side effects may also be caused by smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, nutritional deficiencies, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight. Men whose waist circumference is greater than 100 cm, are on the right way to a loss of male power. (more…)

Medications for Impotence Treatment – Pros and Cons

Erectile dysfunction is disease, which men try not to talk aloud. A doctor visits are usually secret. Generic Cialis and Levitra and Canadian Pharmacy Viagra are used to treat impotence. All they are familiar to everybody, due to advertising campaign, and promise men 100% result. The composition of all three drugs are almost identical. They are referred to inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5 type (PDE-5). This enzyme, inhibiting penile blood vessels expansion, weakens erection. All three drugs are considered to be blockers of “wicked” enzyme. The only difference is that they have desired effect at different period of time. For example, Levitra is absorbed into the body faster and Cialis – slower in comparison with Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Levitra.

Drugs Use for Male Activity

As a rule, erectile problems occur in men suffering from diabetes, neurological disorders, as well as because of antidepressants intake. Medications intended for impotence treatment, should be used on doctor’s prescription and should be sold in pharmacies by prescription. Initially, it was like that, drug was taken by patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

viagra pills

However, advertising campaign has done its job well making male pill more and more popular among the stronger sex.Such drugs can be purchased without prescription via online pharmacies including Canadian Health and Care Mall. On request, medications may be delivered right to your door. Now these drugs are taken by healthy men to produce unforgettable experience for their sexual partners, and the second reason is just to be safe. Especially drugs manufacturers guarantee their effectiveness in combination with alcohol or any food.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Performance

Viagra is released in form of blue pills covered with thin film. On one side of the pill Pfizer is described, on the other – VGR 50 or VGR 100. These figures show how much sildenafil consists in the medication.
The main component of Viagra is sildenafil, additives are microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, cross-carmellose sodium, magnesium stearate.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

This medication is applied at erectile dysfunction treatment. It helps the majority of men to provoke erection and maintain it quite enough for carrying out sexual intercourse. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is referred to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. To provoke erection appearance it is necessary to have sexual stimulations.

How Does Viagra Perform?

When man is sexually excited, blood enters carvenous vessels more, than usually. It becomes the reason of penis increase and firmness. This state is known as erection. After sexual intercourse this excess blood flow to penis stops. The erection vanishes. If the erection lasts for a long time (more than 6 hours), this state can be irreversible to injure your carvenous body. You should attend doctor immediately if your erection doesn’t disappear during the long period of time (more than 4 hours).

Viagra drug units

Some diseases and a number of drugs intake break process of natural erection emergence. In these cases blood circulation to penis is insufficient. Therefore man can’t reach a full erection. If the similar state arises often and repeatedly, it is called erectile dysfunction.

During sexual intercourse your heart works more intensively. Therefore people having heart troubles are not recommended to carry out sexual activity. Before beginning erectile dysfunction treatment with any method, ask your doctor whether your heart is rather healthy to transfer physical activity during sexual occupations. If you have felt pains behind breast, dizziness or nausea during sexual occupations, it is necessary to stop and immediately inform your doctor about those problems.

What is Viagra Applied to?

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra gives the chance to many men with erectile dysfunction to have natural reaction to sexual excitement. When the man is sexually excited, Viagra helps to improve blood supply of penis, let it be filled with blood sufficiently enough for erection emergence. After sexual intercourse completion erection disappears.

What Is not Worth Expecting?

  • Canadian Pharmacy Viagra doesn’t consider as exclusive method of erectile dysfunction treatment. This is the agent for a erectile dysfunction symptomatic treatment.
  • Viagra doesn’t protect you and your partner from transmitted sexual diseases in the way including HIV infection – the virus causing AIDS development.
  • Viagra is not hormone, and not aphrodisiac.

Works of Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

According to various researches and reports it has been found that out of every 10 men there is 1 man suffering from impotence. Impotence is a very serious problem faced by men everyday in different parts of the world. it cannot be treated in isolation. One has to take a step forward and he has to make up his mind to discuss this issue of impotence with his doctor because there is no shame in discussing about a healthy and joyous life. Impotence effects male psychology and normally male with such a problem face sever anxiety issues and their everyday routine is also disturbed. So it is very recommendable to take some steps to overcome this problem.

Impotence effects

Make use of it

Generic Viagra is basically a licensed medication that serves as an aid for erectile dysfunction or impotence. Patients get help from this medicine for the ability to achieve erection consistently. It is available at the very best online Canadian Health&Care Mall. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra plays its role by blocking the chemical PDE5 which basically blocks the blood circulation in the penis which causes muscles of the penis to tighten. As the blood causes to maintain an erection, the more the blood flow in the penis there will be more erection. Viagra is one of the many ways to successfully overcome erectile dysfunction or impotence. As it is said that Viagra is the most effective medication to overcome erectile dysfunction it is available in the following procedures Generic Viagra 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. It is always recommended by the Canadian Pharmacy Viagra that you should consult the Canadian Health&Care Mall if there is any problem with the medicine. You should make sure that the dosage which you consume is according to your age and it should also be made sure that the dosage which you take also suits your medical condition.

If there are any problems of health other than erectile dysfunction so the dosage which should be used by you is 50 mg of Viagra. It should be taken approximately 4 hours to 30 minutes before the sexual activity but the best time for taking medication can be an hour prior that.

Its effects

ViagraThere are certain things which should be brought into consideration if you are taking the Canadian Pharmacy Viagra medication. If the dosage which you are taking does not suit your body and health so you should immediately consult the doctor. Very likely you will be advised to make an increase or a decrease in your dosage. The maximum dose for Viagra to be taken is 100mg which can be taken with or without food. There have been several studies and researches conducted about the effects of Viagra. The results showed that a lot of success was maintained by men who took dosage of 50mg. It has been found that within 4 weeks of usage there has been a lot of improvement seen in men with erectile dysfunction.

Here’s a Reason Why Purchasing Viagra Online Sounds More Profitable

The good thing about online Viagra purchase is that men suffering from erectile dysfunction can easily seek treatment for it from behind the closed doors of their bedroom. But the other good reason that makes purchasing of from Canadian Health&Care Mall is that, it makes purchase profitable.

Viagra is a Well Known ED Treatment Tablet

However, men still tend to shy away when it comes to taking the prescription to the pharmacy store and asking for one.

The availability of online ED treatment services has now made medicinal shopping more convenient than ever before. Today, they are the most sought after service by patients falling under categories like:

  • Who have no insurance
  • Who are bargain hunters
  • Who prefer keeping their medical purchase private

And all of them enjoy more than one benefit when it comes to purchasing Viagra packs online – they make more profit. Wondering how? You need to look into the services first in order to understand how purchasing from online Canadian Health Care Mall makes your purchase more profitable –

Availability of Best Discounts on Medicines

Best BuyThis is something that you might not be able to avail if you purchase from a brick and mortar pharmacy store.

  • Online stores have far greater competition in the internet. That’s because internet not only helps to break down any boundaries of communication, even if it a geographical obstacle.
  • While pharmacists can now make their service easily available, the other obstacle is striving to remain on top. Customers have become convenient creatures. They will choose one service over another even for the minutest reason and price is a major factor that governs their purchase.
  • Pharmacists know this. That is why; they will try to offer customers with the best online shopping experiences. One of these can include discounts as well.
  • Customers can compare the same product on multiple websites and check the lowest price being offered.

Availability of Reviews and Ratings

  • Online shopping gives customers the benefit of reviews and ratings.
  • Shoppers can read out the reviews and recommendations of other buyers before they decide to purchase a Sildenafil
  • Apart from getting information related to the medicine, they can even learn about the online service. Customer values are varied. A product purchase decision can depend on many things like the price, kind of customer service, delivery date, etc. Reviews and ratings are places where different customers give vent to different viewpoints.
  • A new customer can read out these online reviews and the ratings to learn more about the benefits of availing a particular purchase.

Availability of Different Product Details

  • ED treatment drugs sold by online pharmacies are available with additional information. These can be product details, instructions and guidelines, product price and other information.
  • When customers purchase a kit from online Canadian Health Care Mall stores, they can read the information, educate themselves and then proceed to purchase.
  • Customers no longer need to rely on busy local pharmacists in order to learn about the product they are going to purchase. Rather, the availability of product information details makes their purchase more convenient.

Taking all these factors into consideration can make your online purchase of ED drugs easier and profitable.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Depicts the Difference between Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

How does impotence differ from erectile dysfunction?

Impotence (from Latin impotentia — weakness) is the lack of erection at men leading to impossibility for carrying out sexual intercourse. Quite long time the diagnosis “impotence” was established to one and all men who stated complaints to decrease in duration and force of erections. However there were patients at whom erection, in principle, are kept, but they do not have enough force for full carrying out sexual intercourse. In other words, these people as if not impotent men, but also aren’t completely healthy. Therefore the new term — “erectile dysfunction” has been offered. And today in the scientific press the term “impotence” can’t almost be met. More and more seldom this term meets also on pages of popular scientific literature.


Erectile dysfunction is accepted to understand a pathological state which is characterized by decline in quality of erections at men and as a result — lack of opportunities for carrying out full sexual intercourse. It turns out that impotence is that other, as an extreme form of erectile dysfunction development. Erectile dysfunction is curable but it takes some time to overcome this disorder. Canadian Health&Care Mall has a wide range of remedies directed to bear erectile dysfunction. It becomes possible to achieve the complete recovery.

How was the impotence problem solved until recently?

At different times at the different people such exotic ways as the use of the powders prepared from the dried carveous body of some animals, sewing in of costal cartilage in carvenous body, erotic creams and ointments were applied, and also the use in the raw of testicles of young calfs. Today there are two groups of medical measures: conservative (psychotherapy, medicines) and quick.
The certain head in treatment of erectile dysfunction is use of different technical devices. The basis is grounded on suction devices. But there are also various medicamentous methods of ED treatment. You may command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall and find preparations necessary for erectile dysfunction treatment. You will be helped to choose whatever you need and if any questions rise our supportive group will give responses.

Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Explaned by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Now experts are convinced that in most cases impotency is of purely organic nature (i.e. not psychological). All methods of impotency treatment are divided on conservative and quick.
Medicamentous therapy or application of suction pumps belong to conservative methods of impotency treatment.

Medicamentous therapy

Until recently main preparation applied as impotency treatment was Aphrodine. Efficiency of its application doesn’t exceed 10 percent. The demand of prolonged preparation’s use (about one year) and low treatment efficiency, a large number of collateral reactions do this technique of treatment partially acceptable.

Now for fight against impotency the preparation Viagra is successfully used (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) sold by Canadian Health&Care Mall. Efficiency of preparations is undoubted, but they can cause the mass of side effects.
Modern medicamentous preparations (so-called sexual dopes) used in clinical practice allow to achieve higher treatment efficiency which reaches 70-80%. These preparations are distinguished by existence of side effects, such as an insignificant headache, sudden face reddening and necks, nose cavity hyperaemia, change of color sensation and visual acuity.

erectile disfunction

Intracavernous injections of vasoactive preparations

The essence of this method consists in microinjections of vasoactive preparations directly in carvenous body before the sexual intercourse. The method of intracavernous injections became the most widespread and the most effective among conservative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. For treatment prostaglandin – alprostadil is used, both in the form of monotherapy, and in various combinations.

The combination of preparations is used for decrease in side effect of each of them due to decrease in concentration. Integrated program approach to purpose of intracavernous injections therapy allows to make application of this method effective and safe.

Intraurethral therapy

For theintraurethral therapy applications of various preparations are used, such as alprostadil. From an urethra the preparation is soaked up and with a blood-groove gets into carvenous body where there are reactions causing an erection. This method is similar with previous, but allows to exclude an injection in carvenous body.

Now this therapy wasn’t widely adopted because of high cost of preparations and collateral reactions (a burning sensation in an urethra), and also need of obligatory use of condom. Canadian Health&Care Mall recommends to utilize this two methods combining it with Viagra application.

Surgical impotency treatment

Surgery is used because of high efficiency of medicamentous therapy more and more seldom recently. Surgical methods are applied in extreme cases when conservative treatment doesn’t yield desirable results and on certain indications.

Expeditious treatment of venous insufficiency of carvenous body is carried out in case of defeat of some mechanism of carvenous body. Despite great age of this method, efficiency it is made by about 50%. However even at rather low results the venous surgery of carvenous body is all the same applied in clinical practice as additional to other earlier given methods that allows to achieve good results.

Expeditious treatment is shown also in case of insufficient arterial inflow of blood to carvenous body. Arterial microvascular shunting which efficiency fluctuates from 30 to 50% is carried out. This operation shows high efficiency only at young patients.

Prosthetics of carvenous body is the main method of restoration of carvenous body rigidity now. Implantation of artificial limbs is the final stage of impotency treatment when all previous techniques of treatment haven’t yielded result.

Facts about Cialis Depicted by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Before buying Cialis and whether to take this preparation surely it is necessary to consult with the medical expert?
Man has to consult surely with the medical expert if he has at least one of the listed below symptoms or diseases:

  • heart trouble;
  • tachycardia;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • problems with high arterial pressure;
  • sore liver;
  • sore kidneys;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of eyes, including a rare hereditary disease (pigmented retinitis);
  • allergy on Cialis and other medicines;
  • food additives, preservatives and dyes.


What main features of Cialis reception?

Take one pill of Cialis ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall, having washed down it with a small amount of water. Cialis is possible to be taken on empty stomach. Cialis more than isn’t recommended to use once a day. The preparation is strictly forbidden to be used every day. Cialis is, as a rule, used in one hour prior to the beginning of sexual activity. Please, pay attention before to buy Cialis that the preparation is forbidden to take it – for men till 18 years. If you have taken too many pills of Cialis, it is recommended to visit immediately the doctor to avoid negative influence of overdose and intoxication.

How Cialis is combined with other drugs?

Cialis is forbidden to mix with the following strong preparations:

  • amyl nitrite;
  • isosorbide mononitrate;
  • isosorbide dinitrate;
  • nitroglycerine.

If you take one of strong preparations mentioned above, you have to visit your doctor for consultation about a possibility of Cialis application.

To what facts I have to pay attention in Cialis usage timely?

The answer is given by the representatives of Canadian Health&Care Mall. If you are involved in some serious sight problems after Cialis’s use, inform the doctor about the available symptoms. You have to stop taking Cialis and see a doctor if you receive sight disorders. You also have to see a doctor if erection duration is more than 4 hours or if you feel pain. This fact can be the first serious symptom.

Therefore, he has to be exposed to the analysis immediately to prevent damage to health. At feeling of nausea symptoms, hand or breast pains, dizzinesses after Cialis use, you have to consult with the medical expert as soon as possible. The listed facts perhaps can be indicators of a serious disease in the presence of which it is forbidden to accept the sexual stimulators containing tadalafil. Don’t take many alcoholic beverages (for example, 5 glasses of vodka or 5 glasses of wine), using Cialis. Drinking of large amount of alcohol, is capable to increase your chances to have:

  • headache,
  • low arterial pressure,
  • heart rate,
  • dizziness.

What Are main side effects in Cialis usage?

Let’s grapple with side effects which may appear during Cialis intake:

  • heavy breathing;
  • strong pain in a thorax;
  • fast also is irregular heartbeat;

Following allergic reactions may be manifested:

  • lips, tongue or face edema,
  • skin rash,
  • itch.

The following side effects don’t require attention of the doctor, they pass soon:

  • cold;
  • dizziness;
  • back or muscles pain;
  • diarrhea.

It is always necessary to remember that if you have made the decision to buy Cialis and to take this preparation – Cialis isn’t a protection against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection (a virus which causes AIDS).

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